Good match and good luck town colored by eternal Nature and history, culture

To Hakone, Odawara
As place of memory that two promised the future to
Come in in couples and families after the marriage

Hotel, ceremonial hall, restaurant in Hakone, Odawara,
And nature that administration or tourist facility cooperate, and the sea, mountain, lake, forest is rich,
We added historical culture such as castle town, post town,
We suggest form of resort wedding of new sense of values.

  • There is not registered special feature fair now.

Congratulations on your marriage!

The following photographs are many wonderful photographs presented to bridal couple held a wedding ceremony in Hakone & Odawara area on the day of the wedding by participation guest.
Marriage thinks that wedding ceremony is really splendid. We introduce happy two full of smiles.

Congratulations on your marriage. Forever in happiness.

We 9 facility supports marriage of two people

We look for ceremonial hall from style

[beautiful Japan] resort Hakone that attracted celebrities of the world

[beautiful Japan] castle town Odawara whom bond of heart brought up